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HMG: Mid-term report

28 May 2013

How is this government doing? This afternoon I sent out a short series of tweets which might possibly benefit from being gathered together so that you can draw your own conclusion.

Here then, in no particular order, is my short summary of HMG’s recent actions in response to problems in the areas I care about:

  • Bloodshed in Syria: send in more arms.
  • Legal fees too high? Privatise courts so loser also has to pay hedge funds.
  • Interest rates can’t go lower? QE, so that economy will collapse when withdrawn.
  • House prices too high? Help to Buy scheme, to inflate them further.
  • Banks too big to fail? Subordinate deposits, so that there will be a run on any bank in difficulty.
  • Inadequate competition in banking? Delay competition review to allow Co-op to buy Lloyds branches when Co-op can’t.
  • Orphan assets cannot be used? Let agencies charge fees to review users’ diligent searches, then give only a domestic licence so that international use will still be unlawful.

Some of us may wish they would do less.


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